What is NCC :

N.C.C. stands for "NATIONAL CADET CORPS". It is a non-political organization of national level which works with the aim of unity and discipline, and is related with defence department.

About Unit :

N.C.C. unit has been started since 1976 in Danielson Degree College. N.C.C. is an armed students organization under defense ministry of India .This company of N.C.C. is working under '24 M.P. BN N.C.C. Chhindwara' whose Commanding officer is Lt.Col. S.N. Parihar. Group headquarter of N.C.C. is in Jabalpur and N.C.C. Directorate is in Bhopal, and main office of Director General N.C.C. is in New Delhi.

Session & Working :

N.C.C. session starts from the month of August. Under N.C.C. training cadets get inspired by unity and discipline, patriotism, armed activities training of weapons, paragliding, tracking etc. Along with these they also get inspired to do social services like adult education, blood donation, leprosy-eradication and so on.

Contact Information:

O. P. Jakhar

College of Engineering & Technology, Bikaner

College Campus
College Campus
College Campus